Go, daddy. I mean it.

GoDaddy is dropping its blog product, and I'm not sorry to see it go. What I am sorry about is that I have been so lazy I didn't drop it before it dropped me. It is cumbersome and inartful and a pain, like its terrible website builder. My husband is a website designer, and has had so many people call him to redesign their site after they tried to do it with GoDaddy's builder, frustrated and angry at how it is billed as so easy but it turns out to be so hard. He often says, "Why GoDaddy, which has such excellent customer service and is known for how responsive it is, persists in creating such awful products is beyond me." I'm grateful for the super service regarding domains and web hosting, but in a world of far easier blog platforms, it is time to move on.

This isn't major revelation or anything. We do so much because it feels harder to change, and sometimes it is. Sometimes it will take so much effort and time and anxiety that we have to weigh whether it will be worth it in the end. I'm also convinced that some people are naturally willing to jump into new scenarios and plans and go for it, because they are fueled by change. People are fond of the platitude that "Nobody likes change," but that's not true. We change things all the time--our hairstyle, our cars, our route to work, the furniture, our choice of food, all kinds of things. I will change my grocery store in a minute if I find one I like better, even if the drive is slightly longer. I used to change my haircut about every six months. I enjoyed seeing how differently I could look. I don't mind changing jobs if I can find one that's more fun or provides increased vacation time. 

What is meant by "nobody likes change" is that we don't all jump at a change in routine. We don't like it when the paper towels in the bathrooms at work are changed, or Trader Joe's stops carrying our favorite snack. We don't want to have to rearrange everything just so we can get at one thing. The truth is, though, that some people don't mind packing up the entire house to move to a new place, and others are ready and willing to start a body transformation with a new exercise program and diet. These things have such a highly desirable end result that change is willingly undertaken. 

Since I have such limited experience with blogging, I do not beat myself up for taking so long to change. Maybe I was supposed to wait, because this platform, PostHaven, needed to come about. I believe in serendipity. It makes change quite enjoyable!